Folsom Police Officers Association
Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce
North State Building Industry Association
Andy Morin, Councilmember, Folsom
Steve Miklos, Mayor, Folsom
Jeff Starsky, Councilmember, Folsom
Robert G. Holderness, former Mayor of Folsom
Lou Blanas, Former Sacramento County Sheriff
Mel Turner, Councilmember, Citrus Heights
Steve Miller, Councilmember, Citrus Heights
Michele McCormick, Michele McCormick Photography
David Storer, Planning Director city of Folsom
Michael Howell, Howell & Associates, Inc
John Taylor, Taylor & Wiley
Ken Payne, Municipal Consulting Group
Rebecca Garrison, Transportation Management Professional
Mike McGowan, Former Member of the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, Former Mayor of the City of West Sacramento
Ed Murray, President, Aztec Solar
Robbie Waters, Former Sacramento City Council Member and Sacramento County Sheriff
Laborers Local 185
Sacramento News and Review
Rosemary Younts
Rob Roscoe
Bill and Sharron Anderson
Daron Bracht
Justin Raithel
Kelly Jackson
Barb Casas
Christie Ross
Kelley Butcher
Claudia Cummings
Tina Polley
Debbie Newell
Steve Hansen, Sacramento City Council
Sacramento Carpenters Local 46
Aileen Foley, California Connections
Honorable Rusty Areias, Assemblyman Ret
Will Kempton
Jeannie O’Brien
John Frisch
Paul Bonaventure,
Folsom Police Captain (Ret)
Jean & Jack Duncan
Joe Luchi
Valentina Joyce
George & Nick Econome
Kerry & Tina Miller
John Mansoor, 
Folsom Blues Half Marathon
John Segerdell
Candace Miller
Assemblyman Ken Cooley
Anne Marie Schubert, 
Sacramento County District Attorney