Thank you taking the time to learning about my campaigns top priorities.

I have had the honor of serving on the Folsom City Council for more than 17-years where, through careful planning, we have experienced smart growth and increased economic prosperity.

My public service has provided me key experience on the issues important to our community.

I am proud of earning my reputation for being among the most fiscally conservative members of our council.

I believe my strong experience and commitment to fiscal oversight and balanced budgets make me the best choice to serve on your Folsom City Council.

As the owner of a small engineering firm, my job is to solve problems for my clients and to get things done on time and on budget.

I look forward to the opportunity to earn your support.

Public Safety:

Keeping our families safe is job #1 for government.  On the Folsom City Council, I will make sure we have the staff, equipment and technology they need to keep us safe.

Jobs – Business Friendly Leadership:

Having a good job and the ability to provide for our families is fundamental to the American dream.

To create more jobs, we must spur economic growth in our region.  I believe that government should be encouraging new businesses to come to Sacramento County and helping existing businesses to grow.

In Folsom, we have implemented an accelerated permit process to help support our businesses.  That is one of the reasons that Folsom is named the #2 place in California to open a small business

I have always brought this pro-business experience and leadership to the Folsom City Council – working to attract and retain high quality jobs in our Community. I want Folsom to be “business friendly”.

Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency:

How we spend our tax dollars is one of the highest responsibilities of our elected officials. That is why during my more than 17-years of public service I have built a strong reputation for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.

An open and transparent government helps ensure accountability to the people. In the year 2016, the people should be able to easily access public information on the County’s website. Increasing transparency of County government will be one of my top initiatives.


Transportation issues are complex, but I believe in taking care of the basics first. Our road conditions have suffered. Potholes and poor road conditions are damaging people’s vehicles – leading to costly repair bills. When elected, I will focus on the basics and work to repair basic road conditions here in the County.


We need to work together within District 4 and the County as a whole to find reasonable solutions to reduce homelessness. We need to work with Sacramento Steps Forward to find transitional – and ultimately permanent housing – for those who want and need it. This can only be done when Law Enforcement, Social Services and non-profits are working hand-in-hand to find the resources necessary to reduce this growing problem within the Region.